On the Edge Stair Nosing Company Information

Registered Company name: Viewford Enterprises Pty Ltd

ABN 80 094 374 0099

Trading as: On The Edge Stairnosing

Director: Peter Michelsz.


We have affiliate supply companies:

For the Extrusion:

Way Out

Way Out Evacuations PTY LTD



Below are some of the certifications obtained by our affiliate companies including ISO 9001 and CSIRO product testing reports.

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ISO Standars

On the Edge Stair Nosing

  • On The Edge started back in 1990, principally servicing the Cinema Industry this has expanded to include Clubs, Councils, Function Centers, High Rise Fire exit stairways, to name a few.
  • Our initial penetration into this market was with Non Lighted nosing and photo luminous aided profiles, primarily intended to be used for visual aid and safety underfoot.
  • We have developed our exclusive LED lit stairnosing, which are being specified by many Architects and Consultants.
  • This system used the highest quality LED lights available today.
  • We have a range of colors, which can be mixed in almost any configuration you desire.
  • The lighted stairnosing can be fitted with variable dimming capacity, along with high-powered battery back up systems also available.
  • Our stairnosing is customed sized to suit your particular floor requirements, with individual units capable of being sized up to 4.2mt in length.
  • Where our stairnosing is supplied as a separate unit, it is supplied with END CAPs on both ends. The end caps are color matched to the stairnosing profile.
  • We have an extensive client listing within the Cinema Industry, and are making encouraging inroads to other business sectors including Government and Council locations.
  • Specifying Architects are now requesting our stairnosing; Interior designers find it useful that we in fact encourage custom coloring of our Extrusions and Antislip insert.
  • We provide a professional and company trained installation service to all clients in all areas. We have company certified installers in all Australian states. Whilst it is not compulsory that qualified electricians are used to install Low Wattage lighting products, we encourage the use of their services to undertake the wire tracing and connections.
  • All of our products conform to the relevant building codes for our market sector. All components of our Safety Stairnosing conform to the relevant fire indices, antislip requirements and visually contrasting as per the relevant building code specification.

Mission Statement

On The Edge mission statement is simply summed up in FOUR words:





We always aim to provide the highest quality possible within our product range. Our profiles are limited in numbers, but high on performance. We realize that we cannot be “all things to everyone” so we have carefully selected our product for durability, appearance retention and serviceability. We have intentionally rejected products that do not conform to this criteria, even though they may be “on initial purchase” a lower priced product.

Due to the longevity of our products, we believe they represent extremely good value for the expenditure allocated.

Apart from providing safe underfoot comfort, and secure foot grip on the stair edge, they are an attractive visual aid and the lighted stairnosing adds safety and full sighting of the step below.

We strive to achieve service levels beyond clients expectations; our Warranties on our products are meaningful and backed up by our reputation within the industries we service.

Company Environmental Statement


Whilst On The Edge does not manufacture in its own right, we have undertaken a very careful selection process for all of our products.

The largest proportion of our products is aluminum that is totally recyclable.

The PVC antislip insert produced by Dunlop pacific is totally recyclable.

All of our other component parts from the Polly tubes to the electrical cabling can be recyclable.

 environmental policy